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I was at home the other day and while I should have been working on the algebra that was sitting in front of me, I was thinking about life. Not just my life but an in general thought process. I brought myself back to reality after a minute of spacing out because I had to get my homework done. That was when it hit me, life is nothing but a mathematical equation, all I could do was laugh, because math isn't exactly my strong point!!!

A little back story, I am 32 and I am finishing up two bachelors degrees. This has taken awhile because I have lived a life while attending college on and off through my 20`s. I do not regret this choice because I am solid in what I want out of my life. I am also slowly working on my herbal-ism certification, I have received my Reiki masters and am working on some other things that I would like to learn. I also work, I work like a crazy woman. Sometimes its one job sometimes it is three jobs. Sometimes its for other people, sometimes it is for myself. Then there is this project, which I am pouring my heart and soul into. I have all the parts of an equation.

All of this is taking time and I am learning so much as I go, it has been a great experience thus far. Like how to build a website, how to accurately use social media platforms, how to make crafts out of items I have collected. Then we put all the growth from being stationary and being in another recession and a pandemic and there is magic being created over here.

Back to the present. I was thinking of all this and I couldn't help but think really how life is like algebra. You have the structure of an equation and basic steps to follow to solve the equation. I compared this to being born and fulfilling basic needs. Food, sleep, shelter, clothing. Then there is solving the equation, the numbers, phrases, and exponents that you can factor out, there is a combining of like terms, for some doing the math creates other terms. It is constantly changing due to the math being done and depending on how you do the math the answer will change.

I couldn't help but to laugh out loud. All the choices you make lead to an outcome. That outcome could be a positive or a negative. Some of the answers might be an unknown number (the uncertainty of life). Sometimes we don't know the outcome until the equation has been calculated. Some of us might just not be good at math and have to redo a couple things. For some equations there is no answer or N/A.

Thinking of it like this made me also think well if we don't know whats going to happen until we "do the equation", and depending on the choices we make the outcome can always change, well then we should all just being enjoying life a little more. Have some more laughter and love put into our equations. Create as many "positive numbers" as possible. This project is one of my "positive numbers".

Thank you for all the support and patience as I finish pulling this all together. Have a beautiful day.

Picture was taken and created by Adrian Adams

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Jay Roggero
Jay Roggero
Nov 23, 2020

love this sentiment, Love seeing your lifers work come to fruition at the same time as everything got put on hold! Miss you friend!


Jonathan Brun
Jonathan Brun
Aug 03, 2020

Math...the only subject that counts.

Not all math puns are terrible. Just sum.

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