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New Year, New Goals, Same Beautiful Life!!!

Every year millions of people make new years resolutions. Most people do this in hopes of doing better, to make a change, to grow. For me I make new years goals to do just that! I take the last three weeks of the year to reflect on how I did on last years goals, what I would like to bring in to the next year, and what I do not want to follow me.

Why take three weeks to do this? I take three weeks to do this because it takes time to work out details of the changes you wish to make or continue to make. The goal is to improve my life and giving my self time to do something well and have a plan, instead of stressing myself out. As well as it goes against one of my goals, to relax a little more!

Why make goals instead of resolutions? It has been shown that only 9%-19% of people will succeed at completing the "resolutions". This isn't because the rest of people cant make changes, but because if you wish to reach your resolution it takes planning and being ready to make the changes. More have been shown to complete a goal or goals leading up to the resolution! The thought is because a resolution is a broad statement with a broad deadline, like I want to get healthy this year. A goal is more detailed in how that change occurs usually with a deadline until it becomes a habit, for example I am going to meditate two times a week for 30 mins as a step to becoming healthier. Resolutions and goals do go hand in hand though. It is easier to reach a resolution when you are setting goals or milestones to accomplish to get there.

My process. I am simply sharing my process, essentially you should do what works best for you!!! As mentioned above I take the last three weeks of the year to observe my life long dreams and resolutions. How have they grown or changed, what do I need to do to accomplish them? I sit with last years goals. I celebrate the things I accomplished and observe what I didn't accomplish and why. I do this with compassion and as little self judgment as I can (no one is perfect!). From here I take the time to make next years goals. Sometimes they are to finish last years goals, sometimes they are completely new goals, sometimes they are more detailed goals for a per-existing goal! There are so many ways to do this it really is just finding what works best for you! I then write them down on sticky notes and tack the goals to the calendar at my desk so I look at them daily, as a reminder of what I am working towards. I also put this in my planner that I carry with me always.

I know that this sounds like a lot but this is my process and it allows me to stay on track when I want to deviate from my path, because no matter where I am I can look at my goals and remind myself where I want to be in the future and what I need to do to get there! May you find your process and continue to grow in this beautiful thing we call life!

Some of my goals and how I plan to reach them!!!

  • Pay off my car- I did the math to see how much extra I would have to pay each month to pay off my car by December 31st, 2023.

  • To become healthier mind body and spirit- I will eat healthier by taking out fatty foods and sugar, I will workout in some way 5x a week (workouts vary on needs and time), I will take a day off from all work every week, I will continue to practice my practices (meditation and yoga)

  • To grow my business- by organizing what I need to do each week better, better marketing, being willing to work with social media more.

  • Receive 4 hiking patches this year- To take time off to do something that I love doing! Self care!

Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!!!!

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