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In With The New, Out With The Old

As we can see I have not posted here since July of 2023. To say that 2023 has kicked my butt would be an understatement. There were many changes that I didn't see coming, the need to heal made it self very clear through health on a physical and mental level, and there was loss. Loss of relationships and accepting the loss of a life seen.

There was also a lot of beauty and growth this year too. Many lessons learned that I can carry forward to continue to create and grow in ways that I have not yet seen, but am on the path to doing. New desires have made themselves known, dreams are being accomplished and stuff that is no longer working for my is falling away making room for new things!

I accomplished two of the ten goals that I made this year. One was getting my teeth completely fixed. Not that there was a bunch wrong but there was enough to be slightly uncomfortable.....but not anymore! The second goal I accomplished this year was paying off my car! I have worked so hard to get here and dam does it feel good!!!! Something is finally only mine!

What I didn't foresee at the beginning of the year was moving forward in other areas. I have been at Enlightened Wellness going into my third year (see services section for details). One studio fell away with no explanation but another popped up, so in 2024 I will be offering Reiki at Bodies-N-Motion (see services section for details). I am expanding the services and classes that I offer as I continue to grow. I am starting to host my own events and my business is continuing to grow. What I want in the future is also becoming clearer in every way! Some of this has been hard but it has been worth it.

Some lessons I have learned this year.

  1. The only person you have control over is yourself. This includes your choices, thoughts, emotions, and most importantly your responses to things.

  2. People will put time and energy into the things that are important to them. Pay attention and stop making excuses.

  3. Accepting things as they are is the hardest lesson to learn sometimes

  4. What you are not changing you are choosing.

  5. Healing is not all rainbows and sparkles most of the time you look like you have just been put through the dryer, but you come out warm and fuzzy.

  6. Self care is not just bubble baths and face masks. It is being able to say no, it is filling your cup first, it is going to the doctors or therapists ect.

  7. Doing things for yourself, that you do or would do for other will completely change your life.

  8. Every person should see a therapist at some time or multiple times in their adult life. Having an outside perspective helps.

  9. My money is essentially what I am selling my time for so it needs to be something that makes me happy.

  10. The people in my life are more important that things that I have. No one will remember the things I bought what they will remember is the time we spent together.

  11. My health is everything. Without it nothing else can exist.


What is this years goals going to be. Well I am finding this list to be a little easier than I though it was going to be.

1. To get my passport

2. To get my motorcycle license.

3. Finish as many of my certifications as possible to offer my passions to the world

4. Travel more!!!!

5. To finish some of my hiking challenges to get my patches. This ties in with camping more too.

6. Continue to expand my business as well as my classes at the studios

7. To continue to improve my health through movement, nutrients and meditation.

8. To be loving, kind and compassionate with myself and others

9. To spend more time with my loved ones!!!

10. To use my voice more and stop shrinking myself

11. To grow my practice and live a more balanced life

I don't completely know what 2024 will bring because life is what happens when you are making plans. I do look forward to it and hope for the best on this wild ride we call life.

Cheers to "In with new, out with the old". Happy New Years to you and your loved ones.

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