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I have been watching the state of the world and my heart breaks for the realities of some of the groups of people who live in this beautiful country. My heart breaks that fear, judgement and a lack of voice are what people have to deal with everyday. Too many have paid with their lives.

I am thankful that finally more and more people are standing up and coming together to make a change. Through organizations, peaceful protests, and calling local and national politicians to demand changes. We can see these changes through things like talks of the de-funding of law enforcement, statues that represent a hurtful part of history coming down, laws being changed and people starting to hold each other accountable.

For some people, due to circumstance beyond their control, they can not make it to a protest but still want to contribute. I wanted to create a place that brought a variety of resources together so they could be easily found, hopefully making a bigger difference.

A great place to start to make your voice heard on changes you want to see is calling or writing your senator. Below is a website that contains who the senators are of each state and their contact information. Lets make our voices heard and make some changes in the world.

Two of the leading non-profit organizations making changes through knowledge, grass root campaigning and organization of civic action are Black Lives Matter and Color of Change. Both accept donations to continue to do their work but there is also opportunity to sign up or in some way become more involved. You can find more information and/or donation information in the links below.

Black Lives Matter-

Color of Change-

All over the country protestors are being jailed for standing up for what they think is right. RollingStone has put together an in depth list of different places that you can donate to, to help with bail for protestors. Below is a link to their article that has this list of places to donate!

Pay attention to your social media accounts as well. A lot of people, or your friends, are gathering supplies or donations to buy supplies for protestors and dropping them off so people stay hydrated and nourished.

Community and support will make the changes we want to see in the world. May we all be lifted up and be supported. I hope these resources help!

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