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Dixville Notch Music, Arts & Crafts Festival 2020

Mohawk Falls is a breath taking venue located in the hills of Colebrook, New Hampshire. On August 15th, 2020 this beautiful place held the 4th annual Dixville Notch Music, Arts & Crafts Festival. Opensoultraveler had the honor of being accepted to vend with some other local artists and crafters. This was the first festival I have done this year and it felt good to feel some sort of normalcy after how this year has gone. I also couldn't have asked for a better place to attend my first festival of the year.

Mohawk Falls is located on 40 acres of land and the owners of the property have been working on building this beautiful event space over the years, with plans for future growth. The property offers a babbling brook, multiple ponds, a gazebo over looking the bigger pond and a beautiful pavilion.

My friend and I had made the trip up to Mohawk Falls the night before, August 14th, because it is a four hour drive from where we were in Massachusetts. We were blessed with the clearest skies I have seen in years and multiple shooting starts skipping across the sky. Oh and I forgot to mention a peaceful quiet broken only by the babbling brook and chirping crickets. It was the perfect night in the perfect place. We couldn't ask for more.

Getting up early the next morning proved to be difficult because who wants to get up when you are waking up to the perfect setting, but we did! It was time to set up the booth and see what the day brought. See, usually this festival will see around 700 people go through there, but no one was sure what the day was going to bring with the pandemic. Secretly I was hoping that many people didn't show up because I was nervous about Covid but I still wanted to see a decent amount come out. Connecting with people was something I was needing and I am sure, or hoping vice versa. I would say about 150 people tops showed up throughout the day and everyone was extraordinarily respectful by wearing masks, not touching unless they were buying that item, and respecting physical distancing. It took away a lot of worry.

I wasn't only worried about the crowds I was also a little nervous because this was my first time vending under Opensoultraveler, some people would know my stuff under Mama Boo Boos Healing, and this was my first time having a full tent and set up. My first official set up, so I wanted it to be perfect! I think it went well. I offered Reiki treatments, crystal salt necklaces and some of my essential oil mixes.

I couldn't have asked for a better event. The conversations and connections I made with people were amazing. The items people made and/or cooked were beautiful and tasted delicious! My favorite was the homemade fudge. The music brought an air of relaxation and fun, and the weather was sunny and 70, in other words perfect. Everything felt right and normal for the first time this year.

Thank you to Mohawk Falls for hosting the 4th Annual Dixville Notch Music, Arts & Crafts Festival...hopefully we will see you next year!!!!

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